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Actionable information that drives decisions in healthcare; to patients, to providers; to payers, and to other healthcare stakeholders.

Revenue Cycle Transparency

Our cloud-based platform updates daily so you will always have real-time insights at your finger-tips. There is no more waiting on system-based reports to generate, or sorting through endless pages of noise. With IntelliRev, we sort through the noise to show you what guides the business of healthcare. Get full transparency into practice insights around collections and A/R, denials management, charge lag, wRVU acuity index, provider productivity, and more. Drill by provider, payer, charge code, visit, or other custom fields you select.

Better Platform, Better Decisions

EMR systems were built to replace paper charts, not to intelligently guide workflow and financial performance. Reporting from EMR systems has traditionally been lacking and what is offered is typically slow and cumbersome, requiring manual staff time. Don’t spend your time running reports – spend your time viewing practice insights and revenue opportunities. Better and more efficient platforms lead to better and more informed decisions. While patients always come first, no financial margin means no patient mission.

Clinical Integration

The IntelliRev platforms offers full customization around the needs of your healthcare facility. It also fully integrates with our IntelliGap platform, offering measurement and reporting around the closing of preventative care gaps, improved patient adherence, the success of Chronic Care Management, as well as other actionable clinical insights. While both products stand alone, they work beautifully together to give you a holistic approach to patient care.


  • Physician Productivity

    Accurate and Up-to-Date

    With daily updating, you’ll see how your providers, and your facility, are performing without waiting for the monthly close process. Give transparency to your providers and demonstrate that what gets measured gets improved. See charge lag by provider, compare collections and A/R by provider, see year-over-year and month-over-month comparisons, payments per wRVU, calculated E&M acuity index, and more. Stop having physician contracts tied to wRVU levels from prior years because your EMR hasn’t updated. IntelliRev uses up-to-date and fully customizable wRVU sources to offer you actionable practice insights.

  • Denials Management

    Take a Proactive Approach

    Denials have become a resource-consuming area of healthcare management. We invest time, energy, and resources in performing services, and then have to convince payers why we should receive payment. Take a proactive approach to denials by seeing where they are occurring. By provider, by charge code, by payer, and more, IntelliRev offers the insight needed to educate up front, and decrease the occurrence of denials.

  • A/R Insights

    It’s About Payer Management

    In addition to the traditional aged accounts receivable, balances by payer and class, and old balance percentages, IntelliRev gives other insights you may not be tracking. How does your accounts receivable mix match up to your payer mix? Significant variances between the two may indicate problem payers which need to be addressed. Whether it’s a denial issue or just a slow pay issue, IntelliRev gives the insight needed to address it. Do you know how your commercial payers compare to one another? Using payments and worked RVUs, IntelliRev will show you your conversion factor by payer – essential for contract negotiation and other practice insights.

  • Trending Analysis

    Actual to Forecast Variance, Every Day

    Turn prior year performance into a current year forecast, seeing every day how you compare to the same point in time last year. Drill in by provider, place of service, ICD10 condition, charge code, insurance plan, department, and more. Start a new facility? See what impact that has had on performance. Add a new provider to a department? See what impact they have had on performance. Begin a new procedure or test? Want to measure your service area? These and countless more questions can be answered in the few clicks of a button.

  • IntelliGap Integration

    A Proven Combination

    If you have not seen IntelliGap, ask us about a demo today. With IntelliGap, this same ease of use applies to the clinical setting, intelligently closing gaps in patient care. Increase patient adherence, decrease readmissions, grow revenue while also decreasing the total cost of care, find success in your value-based payer contracts, and more. With IntelliRev and IntelliGap working in combination, this IntelliSuite of tools offers a holistic approach to healthcare. Take fantastic care of your patients, increase the productivity of your providers, and decrease the cost of care for your payers. This is a difficult combination to find in healthcare.

  • Fast and Easy Deployment

    Simple By Design

    IntelliRev is housed in the cloud, eliminating the need for complex IT installations and offering full scalability on demand. If you use Azure Active Directory, we can offer single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities, seamlessly fitting into your workflow. While full support and training is included, most are up and running with our intuitive design with just a few minutes of usage. If you’ve become frustrated with the slow, difficult, and limited EMR reporting, you’ll love IntelliRev’s simple design. The power of an expert designed for the ease of a beginner.

  • Proven Return on Investment

    You Can't Afford NOT to Have IntelliRev

    Stop spending your time waiting for reports to generate and start spending time analyzing them for insights. With physician productivity insights, payer performance, and full integration with IntelliGap, you’ll realize an almost immediate gain on your minimal investment. Do you have multiple EMR or practice management systems? IntelliRev makes corporate roll-up reports seamless, even from various platforms.

Meet Our Team

Experts in healthcare management, information systems, and data science.

Pat Burrows


Founder of Medical Practice Management Solutions, Pat has been involved in West Virginia’s business community for the last 24 years. Pat is a graduate of West Virginia University with a degree in Accounting and began his career as a practicing CPA with the firm of Arnett & Foster. He transitioned into the healthcare finance and administration field in 1998. Pat has served as a Chief Financial and Chief Executive Officer in the hospital industry. He was a member of the ownership group, and played an integral role in the purchase and sale of a multi-million dollar health care facility. He has a proven track record of business success, and his influential community contacts provide a strong business network that is beneficial to any provider. Pat and his wife Vicki are parents to two sons Seth and Grant. His interests include hunting, golf and WVU sports.

Emily Cornwell


A native West Virginian, Emily is a Marshall University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. With over 20 years of healthcare management and information technology experience, Emily is passionate about utilizing technology to improve healthcare workflow. Her previous roles include experience in many aspects of the healthcare system including hospital, ambulatory, and behavioral health. In her current role, she strategically guides data analytic initiatives that advance healthcare. Outside of work, Emily enjoys whitewater kayaking, backpacking, and photography.

Ian Wiley

Information Technology

With over 15 years of enterprise healthcare IT experience, Ian understands that system users and the patients they serve come first. Ian has designed and deployed technology solutions that are truly enterprise class. He is a graduate of Marshall University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. As founder of Arx Web internet service, network connectivity and security are some of Ian's specialties. Outside of work, Ian enjoys anything outdoors, particularly golf and Marshall University football.

Richard Queen

Data Science

Richard brings more than 10 years’ experience in hospital and provider group management, including c-suite level leadership. Employing the principles of Lean Six Sigma, costing methodology, and continuous process improvement from his time in manufacturing, he has improved financial performance through revenue growth, improved throughput, efficiency gains, and process redesign. Richard has doubled bottom lines of medical home facilities, built business plans and pro-formas for $20 million hospital projects, and led business intelligence and population health implementations for $1.6 billion institutions. As the head of Data Science, he now builds software platforms and reporting packages which solve issues he knows are faced by healthcare leaders daily. When not juggling activities of home life with his wife and three children, Richard enjoys running and cycling to help balance the daily stress.


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